NASA Challenge: Pull Oxygen from Moon Dirt, Win $250,000

NASA Challenge: Pull Oxygen from Moon Dirt, Win $250,000: "The cash prize is the reward for winners of the agency’s Moon Regolith Oxygen (MoonROx) challenge, the third contest set by NASA to encourage commercial space industry.
In the MoonROx contest, NASA and the Florida Space Research Institute (FSRI) challenge inventors to pull at least 11 pounds (five kilograms) of breathable oxygen from a volcanic ash-derived lunar soil substitute called JSC-1.
But it doesn’t end there. Participants not only have to extract the oxygen, but must accomplish the feat within eight hours. The competition expires June 1, 2008."

Hey, I wouldn't mind trying out for this one! My wife is a chemist too. I think I'll start thumbing through her books when I get home...

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