Not So Picture Perfect: Proposed Lunar Landing Site Has Drawbacks

Not So Picture Perfect: Proposed Lunar Landing Site Has Drawbacks: "This euphoric “eternal light bandwagon” gripping perhaps most lunar enthusiasts and supporters seems all very much like the momentary delight and anticipation of the moth that sees a bright porch light or street light, and is drawn instinctively, unsuspectingly, to its certain doom. Yes, we need water. But we need more iron and other materials. So is it better to ship X tons of water to sites away from the poles, or 10X (to grab a figure) tons of other materials to the poles? The answer to that question seems to me to be a “no-brainer”."

For those interested in going to the moon as a next step toward colonization, the use of polar craters as base sites could hinder lunar development. The easy access to water and solar power is only available in sparse areas at the poles. Developing a moon base could be cheaper at thes locations. However, the necessity of the ability to collect and store power over the 14 day luner days and nights might be delayed leaving much of the moon uninhabitable. The author suggests tackling these problems upfront will lead to cheaper and faster access to the moon.

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