Private Moon Trips Forecast

Private Moon Trips Forecast: "The personal spaceflight revolution now underway is spawning a suborbital travel market that will lead to passenger traffic headed into Earth orbit, Diamandis said. “In the next five to eight years we will have the first private orbital flights occurring,” he predicted.

Diamandis added that something very natural will happen when private orbital flights arise. “When you’re in orbit you are two-thirds of the way to anywhere,” he said.

“I predict that within about three years of private human orbital flights…you’ll have the first private teams of people stockpiling fuel on orbit and making a bee-line for the Moon,” Diamandis said."

Looks like commercial space flight might be taking off in a big way. Right now the US and China are planning to go back to the Moon and head for Mars. Could it be, that private space programs are getting ready to join the race?

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