Virgin Galactic and the Future of Commercial Spaceflight

Virgin Galactic and the Future of Commercial Spaceflight: "The one space tourism venture that has garnered the most interest in recent months, however, has been Virgin Galactic. Days before the first Ansari X Prize flight, Virgin announced it was partnering with Scaled Composites and Mojave Aerospace Ventures—the joint venture of Scaled and financier Paul Allen—to create a suborbital space tourism business flying vehicles based upon SpaceShipOne."

Virgin Galactic plans to offer space tourism at prices starting at $200,000 a pop that may eventually fall to $25,000 a ride. The space travel adventure trip include several days training and a preview flight aboard the launch plane. With flights starting in 2008, they hope to reach profitability at around five years and to forge ahead with the commercialization of orbital flight.

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