World's First Operational ''Spaceport'' for Private Space Launches

World's First Operational ''Spaceport'' for Private Space Launches to be Announced by New Mexico's Governor, Bill Richardson | SpaceRef - Your Space Reference: "On March 27, 2006, UP Aerospace, Inc. (www.upaerospace.com) -- heralding 'Unlimited Possibilities' for business and education -- will launch its SpaceLoft rocket on a sub-orbital flight from the New Mexico Spaceport. The flight will carry seven experimental and commercial payloads for a variety of scholastic and business entities. After traveling into space, the rocket and its payloads will land in the downrange area of the Spaceport.
The inaugural space launch will be announced tomorrow, September 7th, at 2:00 PM MT on the steps of New Mexico's State Capitol Building in Santa Fe. The announcement will take place in a combined press conference with Governor Richardson, New Mexico's government leadership, and the principals of UP Aerospace. "

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