About Big Numbers

About Big Numbers:
"Explore the world of big numbers.
Discover how big and how small our world is.
How big is a zillion?
How small is a quadrillion?
Numbers and science.
From the atom to the universe.
Sun and sand and water and air.
And more."

This is a neat little site describing "big numbers." It traces powers of a thousand from ONE (100 = 10000) to a NOVEMVIGINTILLION (1090 or 100030) and finally it skips to a GOOGOL (10100).

Since it focuses on material numbers (like atoms in a cup of water or the volume of the galaxy in cubic inches) it kind of loses steam near the end. It doesn't go into numbers that can only be approached mathmatically like the GOOGLE PLEX (1010100) or even larger numbers that can't be written in scientific notation. I suppose that would be another story.

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