From whence came the Zemox...

I had a short discussion with my eldest yesterday. It went something like this.

She asked me why I like Zemox so much on the web.

I told her that it was a word I created for an imaginary universe when I was about 9 or 10.  It was a place where you could design what ever laws of space and time you desired.

She said, so you have been using it all this time on the internet?

I said, no the the internet was created around the time I was born, like 1969-70.  But, the web wasn't created until around 1991, so I didn't get online much until after that, like around '93-94*.

You mean that you didn't have the web when you were a kid?


What about Google?

No, I think that wasn't around until the the early 2000's**.

Where did they come up with the name Google***?

Well, some kid made it up when he was about 9 or 10...

Well, she is turning 10 in October, I wonder what she will come up with?

* I first used USENET in 1989 at Bellcore, but didn't have much access until later.  I also used Gopher for a while until I discovered the Mosaic browser...
** Actually, it was founded in 1998. I didn't switch loyalties from Yahoo! until sometime later.
*** Google is actually a misspelling of googol.

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