Hello, again!

I have been inactive for far too long. I think it's time I do something about that1.

I have been chatting up Twitter quite a bit. But, let's face it; I'm way too wordy for 140 characters. Then, there are all the #hashtags and @mentions and image URLs. The sacrifices to grammar alone makes me cringe!

From there, all my posts are forwarded to Facebook to family and friends. Twitter is enough of a time suck; Facebook is doubly so. The posts are longer, the threads are endless, and my comment thread responses sometimes turn into unfinished epic essays. It's enough to make a grown man weep. (Believe me, I don't need any more encouragement2.)

Then, once I decide to forward a post to Twitter, all that gets sent is a freakin' shortened link! It doesn't even have a description or an embedded image from the post. Who's going to want to click that? It could be anything: a click bait slide show ad campaign, an infinite redirect loop, malware infested porn, or an actual Facebook post... Not worth the risk, if you ask me3. I avoid those tweets like the proverbial plague!

Anyway, there's always the chance I'll get back to blogging. At the very least, I can post my tl;dr tweets here. That's something right?

P.S. I know I've been away from Blogger for quite some time. When I first wrote this post, I tried using the Blogger app. I added some HTML links to my parenthetical comments below. There's no HTML mode and no preview. I didn't want to publish without checking if the HTML was entered correctly.

So, I went to the site and looked at it in the HTML editor. As I thought, all my added code was escaped and useless. To make matters worse, all of the text was on a single line and a whole shipload of CSS span tags had been inserted. WTF? Has Google never heard of a style sheet?

So, I copied the whole mess to the Notes app and hand edited the crap out. Hopefully this will be an improvement. I need a better iPad Blogger solution.

1 Yes, that really is an oblique Doctor Who reference.
2 I've survived three decades of moderate to severe depression. You don't want to see my tweets when I get really down about life.
3 Yes, I've taken some trips to the dark side of the web. Some of it's interesting. An amazing amount is down right scary.

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